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Book signing at the Herndon Home Museum (2019)


Chris M. Rutledge was born on the southside of Chicago. After spending many years in Los Angeles  he now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Initially majoring in Architecture due to his passion for design, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management due to his interest in real estate development. He attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where he also pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.


Chris has been a technical writer and reviewer in the commercial real estate industry since 2002, by day; and creative writer since 1997, by night. He began his creative writing by penning short stories in 1997. He would pick up screenwriting in 2009, and decided to "reverse engineer" one of his screenplays into a novel in 2016. This would eventually become his first published novel, "Murder at Venegoni's." Chris made his sophomoric authorial release in 2019 with "ASCLEPIUS," and his latest novel release in 2020 titled, "We The People."


Chris decided to transition into screenwriting in 2009 after taking a screenwriting course at Emory University. The transition to screenwriting was appropriate since Chris has a strong interest in writing, fused with a passion for film. He has written several feature-length screenplays as well as several shorts, which are available for review upon request. His screenplays have placed in numerous screenplay competitions over the years, many of which are posted on his Scriptography page.


In 2018 Chris decided to direct and produce one of his screenplays. The short film titled "Trombone Jones" was completed in late 2018. His film would later be chosen as an Official Selection and Best Actor Nominee in the WideScreen Film Fest in Las Vegas in 2019, an Official Selection in the Golden State Film Fest in Los Angeles in 2020, and currently streaming on Apple TV. In 2022, Chris wrote and directed a film called "Date Nights" which is currently being pitched for distribution. Chris has also worked as a First Assistant Director and Script Supervisor on several films. See IMDb for full film credits.

Chris currently juggles both screenwriting and novel writing and plans to write future novels based on his screenplays and vice versa. Please contact him to view his screenplays or for screenwriting services.

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